Silk Meulla by Mika Suoh

シルクミューラ by スオウミカ



「Silk Meulla」

彼女の挑戦はとても刺激になります。                            私たちも日々業務に追われ、安定的な売上があると「挑戦する気持ち」を忘れがちです。        でも常に進化するためには挑戦が必要で、彼女の心意気と姿勢には学ぶべきものがたくさんあります。

製品を作るための素材を探し、その素材からインスピレーションを得て いくつかの製造工程をコントロールし 販路確保までをすべてまとめ上げてプロデュースしていく力が必要です。





「Silk Meulla」  スオウミカ の展開を楽しみにしていてください。

A young challenger has appeared. 

He really likes “Prime Silk” (washable silk), and is thinking about creating new products and working on crowdfunding to develop it. 

 Her new brand name is

 'Silk Meulla'

 Her challenges are very inspiring. 

We are also busy with work every day, and when we have stable sales, we tend to forget the "feeling of taking on challenges." 

 She searches for materials to make products, gets inspiration from those materials, and she needs the power to control several manufacturing processes and secure sales channels. 

 Even though he is young, he has a sense of what he said, and his strong will and ability to take action to achieve his goals gives us courage and arouses feelings of support. 

 There will still be trials in this challenge. 

 However, we would like to be a company that honestly enjoys and supports these initiatives.

 I will continue to inform you about her efforts. Please look forward to the development of

 "Silk Meulla" by Suo Mika.